FE White Paper: An opportunity for a brighter future

FE White Paper: An opportunity for a brighter future

New City College Group Principal and CEO Gerry McDonald has written an article on the recently published FE White Paper which has been included in the TES.

Gerry writes that although at first glance the White Paper is disappointing, if you dig deeper, the more you see the promise of something innovative and exciting, and this gives the FE sector much hope for the future.

He says: “The prize, I think, is a genuine skills community, where local employers and colleges work side-by-side to design qualifications, transfer knowledge and develop collaborative approaches to our perennial skills shortages.”

He adds that a genuine skills community is a bold ambition, but that this new model of collaboration between employers and colleges will benefit all of us.

Gerry concludes: “It’s an opportunity for a brighter future that we shouldn’t miss.”

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