Hello Yellow campaign sees Mindfulness session streamed to hundreds of viewers

Hello Yellow campaign sees Mindfulness session streamed to hundreds of viewers

Students and staff at New City College joined thousands of schools, offices and community groups in the #HelloYellow campaign for World Mental Health Day.

In an effort to raise awareness, open up and get people talking and listening about mental health, there were several activities arranged – and even a virtual Mindfulness session live-streamed from the college’s film studio at the Ardleigh Green campus in Havering, to hundreds of schoolchildren who took part in their classrooms.

The #HelloYellow campaign was organised nationally by the Young Minds charity to support young people’s mental health and show them they are not alone – at a time when it is needed most.

Students were asked to write messages of hope and encouragement on yellow leaves that were then hung on a special Affirmation tree in The Square – and in return were given goody bags containing stress-relieving gadgets and information about physical and mental well-being.

During the live Mindfulness session, where more than 300 people tuned in, Havering MIND’s Ciaran White spoke about the importance of talking to someone when you are feeling anxious or upset and he gave many tips on how to improve your mental health and general well-being.

Following Ciaran’s presentation, Mindfulness and Alignment Coach Casca Graham took a session on connecting with the present moment and calming your thoughts, using breathing techniques and her amazing crystal singing bowls.

Casca said: “I had such a great day doing the live stream session alongside Havering MIND on World Mental Health Day. What an honour and a blessing it is to share the tools on how to connect to the present moment. I hope many found it helpful.”

The live-stream session was made possible with the help of four of our Media Production students – Emmanuel Fajobi, Savannah Mathurin, Louise Dennett and Gertrude Sam.

Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year. Everyone’s experience of mental health is different and although attitudes towards mental health have improved, the stories of many are still not being heard or understood. World Mental Health Day was held to help change the way people think and act on mental health problems.

For information and help with Mental Health, visit https://www.haveringmind.org.uk/ or Casca’s website at https://www.tranquilgardenacademy.com/