New City College working with Leaders Unlocked to campaign for social justice

New City College working with Leaders Unlocked to campaign for social justice

Students from New City College were once again instrumental in working with the social justice campaigning programme, Leaders Unlocked.

Chigozie Nwaghanata-Amaechi, who is a member of the Students’ Union at Tower Hamlets campus, played his part in bringing his voice to the debate, spearheaded by the Student Commission on Racial Justice, about issues facing young people living in England today.

Despite a number of health challenges, Chigozie, who is on our Supported Internship programme at the Poplar High Street campus, joined in discussions with other students and had the opportunity to give his opinions on a range of topics.

Tower Hamlets campus Deputy Principal Jorge Castillo-Rodriguez said: “We are proud of Chigozie for getting involved in such an important project. He was an admirable representative and his efforts to make big changes in our society deserve recognition.”

The Student Commission on Racial Justice is a partnership involving young people from 11 colleges across England – including New City College – who have been recruited by the Leaders Unlocked programme.

Chigozie worked with other students to create an animation entitled Speak to Power. The animation presents viewers with three racial justice activists that have paved the way for equality – Martin Luther King Jnr, Jocelyn Barrow and Claudia Jones – whilst also shining a light on the racial injustice experienced today by young people from minority ethnic groups.

Watch the animation here


Leaders Unlocked enables young people and underrepresented groups to have a stronger voice on the issues that affect their lives. In education, policing, health, justice and elsewhere, the programme helps organisations to involve the people who matter and shape decision-making for the better.