Seismic Encounters: How 40 New City College students braved the elements of Iceland

Seismic Encounters: How 40 New City College students braved the elements of Iceland

After a year of meticulous planning, enduring 20,000 earthquake tremors and weathering two volcanic eruptions, a group of six staff members and 40 students from New City College (Epping Forest campus) successfully embarked on an unforgettable educational visit to Iceland.

On January 22nd, the Travel & Tourism, Sports, and Public Services students, along with their accompanying staff, set off from Luton Airport. Over five days, they immersed themselves in the awe-inspiring landscapes and marvels that Iceland had to offer. 

The students explored Reykjavik and participated in extensive excursions, including an 8-hour Golden Circle tour. The adventure included encounters with wild horses, witnessing the majestic Gullfoss waterfall, experiencing the Geysir hot springs, and strolling through the captivating Thingvellir National Park. Students engaged in a northern lights hunt visited the spectacular Sky Lagoon and attended a presentation at Business Iceland on tourism and sustainability in the country. 

Reflecting on the trip, Simone Butler, the Travel and Tourism tutor, shared, “Given the seismic activity in Iceland, there were concerns about whether we could proceed with the travel plans. Fortunately, we managed to go, and I am delighted we did, as the students had an exceptional time, immersing themselves in a distinct country, its people, and culture.” 

Ewan Ingram, a Level 3 Travel & Tourism student, expressed, “Iceland was an incredible experience; it’s a destination I wouldn’t have considered visiting, but I’m grateful I did, as I witnessed breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders.” 

Ciaran Rayner, a Level 3 Sports Science student, marvelled at Iceland’s scenery, stating, “Iceland had astonishing landscapes; I’ve never encountered anything like it before and would highly recommend it.” 

May Faulkner, a Level 3 Public Service student, reflected, “Iceland was a fantastic destination to explore in my final year at Epping. I’ve created memories that will last a lifetime.” 

*The group are currently planning their next trip to New York in 2025*