Staying Safe Week – A Resounding Success!

Staying Safe Week – A Resounding Success!

Last week, New City College successfully conducted its “Stay Safe” Campaign, a week-long initiative aimed at promoting safety awareness among students. Organised by the Tutorial and Enrichment Team in collaboration with external organisations, the campaign featured a series of workshops and activities designed to equip students with essential knowledge and skills to navigate various aspects of life safely.

The campaign kicked off with insightful workshops covering crucial topics such as sexual health awareness, drug and alcohol awareness, and county lines operations. Led by experts from BeWize, Fusion, and the London Metropolitan Police, these sessions provided students with valuable insights into sexual health, substance misuse, and the risks associated with county lines activities. Attendees actively engaged in discussions and gained practical knowledge to help them make informed decisions and stay safe in their communities.

One of the highlights of the campaign was the Cyber Bullying & Depression Awareness session held in the Box Theatre at our Redbridge campus on the final day. This assembly-style workshop featured a thought-provoking short film, “Another Way,” addressing the effects of suicide, followed by presentations from guest speakers including TV star Peter Andre, Andrew Pritchard, Fabio D’Andrea, and Claire Windsor. The session aimed to raise awareness about cyberbullying, its impact on mental health, and provide support for those experiencing suicidal thoughts or moments. Students actively participated in the discussions, sharing their experiences and seeking guidance from the speakers.

Reflecting on the success of the campaign, Jacqueline Mitchell, Deputy Principal at New City College Redbridge Campus, expressed satisfaction with the turnout and engagement of students. “The Stay Safe Campaign has been a tremendous success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team and external partners,” “It’s inspiring to see our students actively engaging with these important topics and taking steps to enhance their safety and well-being.”

The campaign received positive feedback from students, who appreciated the opportunity to learn and discuss critical issues affecting their lives. Many expressed gratitude for the valuable insights gained during the workshops and the support provided by the guest speakers.

As the “Stay Safe” Campaign concludes, New City College remains committed to promoting safety awareness and empowering students to make informed decisions in all aspects of their lives. With ongoing initiatives and support from the college community, students can continue to thrive in a safe and supportive environment.

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