Students’ messages of support for the people of Ukraine

Students’ messages of support for the people of Ukraine

Young ESOL students made posters and messages in support of the people of Ukraine.

The students, studying ICT as part of their ESOL course at Tower Hamlets campus in Poplar, were discussing the heartbreaking situation of the families having to live through the devastating conflict as it continues.

One student in the class, Dyana, is Ukranian and she spoke to her classmates in the lesson about the terrible situation some of her family are facing.

The class also made a video of support to send to Dyana’s family members in Ukraine.

Tutor and Campus Learning Coach Mafalda Giudice said many of the students wanted to know more about the conflict and how it was affecting the people living there.

She said: “With my help, Dyana answered some of the questions her classmates had. We then decided to create posters in support of her family and the whole country.

“Dyana also recorded a video of the students saying, ‘Slava Ukraine!’ to send to her family back home.  She was so grateful for the support and kind messages from everyone.”