Students premier their short films on the big screen at horror festival

Students premier their short films on the big screen at horror festival

In a celebration of creativity, artistry and expression, A Level Film Studies students premiered their short movies alongside other filmmakers in a competition at the Romford Horror Festival recently – with one New City College student picking up an award!

Student Remi Tees from Havering Sixth Form campus won the Most Promising Filmmaker Award at the festival for her short horror film. Congratulations to Remi!

The festival, founded in 2020 and now an annual event, is a four-day genre film festival held at the Premiere Cinema in Romford. It plays a mix of indie films and classic horror movies, submitted by enthusiasts, students and organisations – with a panel of judges choosing the winners.

The platform is dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging filmmakers in the horror genre with the aim of shedding some light on to some of the amazing things that are happening within the local community.

Students studying A Level Film Studies at New City College’s Havering Sixth Form campus had the opportunity to see their creative visions come to life on one of the biggest screens in the area.

Sean Stubbs-Tyler, Subject Leader and tutor for A Level Film Studies at the sixth form, said: “The horror genre offers a rich playground for young filmmakers to flex their creative muscles.

“It’s a genre where innovation and ingenuity often shine brightest, and where limited resources can lead to the most imaginative and effective storytelling. Film festivals dedicated to showcasing independent and student-made horror films provide a vital platform for these emerging talents to share their work with audiences and industry professionals alike.

“The collaborative and supportive environment of such festivals can be invaluable for aspiring filmmakers, offering opportunities to network, learn from others, and gain insights into the industry. It’s heartening to see Romford Horror Festival fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among filmmakers, both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

“Our talented students impressed many festival goers with their films and we are delighted that Remi was chosen to win an award.”

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