Support brings out the best in our students

Support brings out the best in our students

Don’t think that just because you have left school and are starting college, you won’t receive any support. Here is an example of one of our amazing support staff who went the extra mile to help a student get through his coursework when things got tough.

A delighted parent wrote to us recently to praise the support her son received during the lockdown – saying it had meant the world to the family and has made a huge difference to her son’s confidence.

The student, a former Hall Mead pupil, was studying Level 1 Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair at the New City College Ardleigh Green campus but struggled with motivation and understanding the coursework when the virus forced students to study at home.

Vicky Cox (pictured) one of our Learning Support assistants, stepped in to give the student some encouragement and advice, over the phone and online, ensuring he was able to complete and submit his coursework on time.

The parent wrote: “Vicky, you have been amazing in your support, you truly have gone above and beyond anything that we expected. My son’s confidence has grown so much.

“You have brought out the best in him, and to spend the time you have, often outside of normal college hours, has been truly inspirational to us all and very much appreciated. It has meant the world to us.”

Vicky said: “I love my job and supporting our students. To get a thank you like that means such a lot – it made my day!”

Sunny Bamra, Deputy Curriculum Director of the Motor Vehicle department, added: “The hard work and dedication Vicky has put in has had a massive impact on this student’s education and his well-being. We are grateful to all staff for the fantastic support they give our students, helping them to be successful.”

The student is now progressing to study the Level 2 Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair course.