Traditions from around the world celebrated at college Culture Day

Traditions from around the world celebrated at college Culture Day

A celebration of cultures from across the globe was enjoyed by staff and students at Havering Sixth Form – with many attending college for the day in traditional clothing.

There were stalls, games, quizzes and a fun fashion runway which gave everyone the chance to showcase their heritage, flags and cultural identities.

The Culture Day highlighted clothes, dance, music, language and food from around the world with many students proudly taking to the runway in colourful dress and vibrant flags. Countries represented included Thailand, Bangladesh, Romania, England, Albania, Spain, Jamaica, Nigeria and South Africa – to name a few!

A range of international food and snacks was on offer from stalls as well as the chance to make tote bags, get artistic henna tattoos and complete map of the world puzzles and jigsaws.

The event brought together a rich array of diverse traditions, with students saying it was a very inclusive day and they found it interesting to see the different flags and types of dress.

Deputy Principal Phil Hall said: “The Culture Day was a great success and I was particularly impressed by the levels of engagement from so many students and the support from staff across the campus. Thank you to everyone involved in organising the event.”

Lead Pastoral Tutor Becky Konstandinou, who led the Culture Day, said: “Wow, what a celebration we had. It was a day of unity, diversity and acceptance, where so many made an incredible effort and looked absolutely stunning.

“There were different colours, flags and patterns everywhere you looked! It was an educational and very enjoyable day for everyone.”

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