Travel students get a taste of Thailand

Travel students get a taste of Thailand

Travel and Tourism students at New City College got a taste of Thailand when they completed a four-week virtual work experience placement with the Thai Tourism Authority.

The Level 3 students, based at the Epping Forest campus, in Borders Lane, Loughton, created surveys and collected responses to questions such as ‘Has the perception of travel to Thailand changed since the Covid pandemic?’ which they fed back to the Thai Tourism Authority.

They also had to become a Thai Tourism expert where they completed modules online to achieve the highest status and were given a Thai goody bag and certificate.

The virtual placement was organised by NCC’s work experience department.

Simone Butler, Travel and Tourism Lecturer, said: “The students worked really well in not only generating the survey but putting it out to family and friends to get back over 20 responses each. In total the Thai Tourism Authority had more than 610 responses, which they will use in their current marketing strategy. The students benefited so much from these work experience placements which helped them develop their knowledge of Thailand as a travel destination.”

Student Isabella Dreher said: “I really enjoyed the whole virtual work experience and it has made me very keen to visit Thailand in the future.”

Chloe Piper added: “The work experience has developed my computer skills in knowing how to create a survey and my communication skills when organising the responses. The goody bag was a nice treat to receive too.”