We’re playing our part to help beat the virus

We’re playing our part to help beat the virus

New City College is playing its part in supporting the local community to beat the virus by offering free car parking for those having their Covid vaccination.

The Epping campus is proud to help out by giving up car parking spaces for no charge to members of the public who are attending Murray Hall (Loughton Community Centre) for their jab.

The back entrance to the car park is being used. It is on Borders Lane, a little further along the road from the college’s main entrance. Those with an NHS vaccine appointment should pull into the college’s back gates and they will be guided by council staff to Murray Hall.

More than 50 people per day are being given their vaccination at the well-known venue and Epping campus Deputy Principal Phil Hall, pictured below, said he was proud to be supporting the vaccination effort in this way.

New City College Deputy Principal Phil Hall

Students at the college are happy to be back in the classroom and receiving face-to-face teaching.

One student said: “I’m so excited to be back and I feel very safe because we have all been offered Covid tests. We’re working together as a community, wearing our masks and respecting social distance to keep everyone safe.”

NCC is doing all it can to get everyone back on campus in a safe way. After the initial testing in college, staff and students are being offered self-test kits to take home in a bid to minimise the risk of people spreading the virus unknowingly.