Our Study Programmes

Our SEND departments offer a broad range of teaching, learning and support approaches to students accessing pre-entry and entry levels courses. These courses are designed to help students become more independent, build their confidence and improve communication skills.

Our courses typically run four days a week, 17 hours a week over the academic year.

Students can progress within the department, to the next level of study or into mainstream vocational courses across the college.

As a student on a SEND course

you will benefit from:
  • Lunch and break time supervision
  • Transport
  • Personal care
  • 1:1 support (dependant on EHCP)
  • Learning Zone
  • Use of specialist software
  • Exam access arrangements
  • Access to counselling
  • Access to a mental health advisor
  • Trips and enrichment activities
  • Personalised programmes
  • In-class learning support