Parents, Guardians & Carers

Working in partnership with students and their parents or guardians

This page provides information, advice and guidance dedicated to parents, guardians and family members of both current and prospective New City College students.

Your Valuable Support

We value your vital supporting role as a family member of a New City College student and we like to work in partnership with students and their parents or guardians. Families, parents, and guardians can join us in supporting your young person as they make the transition from school to college and start to become more independent and more responsible. Starting college is an exciting time for any new student, and it can be a challenging experience for you too!

We hope the information below will tell you more about our college, our services, procedures, and expectations. We look out for each other here; our extensive network of student support services is second to none. Please see below for useful links and read some of our students’ success stories.

New City College sets high expectations for all its students and we provide them with the support and guidance they need to achieve their ambitions. We offer a huge range of courses, all designed to help students progress onto university or into the world of work. We set out very clearly in our Student Contract what students can expect from the college and what we, in turn, expect from them. We also ask students to respect the college in every way – through attitude and standards of behaviour to staff, the environment, and each other.

A Big Step

Whichever course your student is studying with us, be assured that we will do all we can to help them achieve their potential in preparation for their onward journey to success and their next step in life.

College is very different from school; your new student will need to adapt to become an independent learner in a new environment designed to stretch and challenge them. There are many ways for them to get a window to the world while they’re here with our career-ready programmes that give exclusive access to internships with the UK’s leading employers, one-to-one mentoring, and trips to influential organisations overseas.

There will also be many opportunities for them to get more than a qualification with us; they can join a club or society, a sports team or band – they’ll be spoilt for choice with our wide range of enrichment activities, events, trips, and volunteering opportunities.

Study Help

During breaks and holidays from college, it is easy for students to get distracted and forget about their studies. But they will often have coursework or exams due soon after the start of term. While it is the responsibility of the student to deal with their own studies, you can consider how you could encourage them to do some studying, coursework, or revision.

Students often say that a useful study technique is chatting through what they’ve learned with a family member. Talking about what you’re learning can build subject knowledge, confidence and increase motivation to study.

Accelerated Learning in English and Maths

The directors for English and maths met with parents on Dec 13th to explain how we are supporting learners to progress onto the next level of their chosen vocational course next year. This presentation takes you through what learners need to do to make sure they are able to achieve the right levels of English and maths for their next stage.

For more information, download the MyNCC app or use the emails on the final slide to contact the relevant staff member.

Monitoring Progress

The College aims to keep parents/carers up to date with their son/daughter’s progress throughout the year.

Parents/carers will receive a log in to access MyNCC and Parent Portal.  This account is used to communicate important information to parents and provides access for them to view a wide range of information about their son/daughter. This will be launched around the end of September at the parent/carer welcome events at each campus.

From your MyNCC account you can:

  • Find out latest news at the college
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Report absence
  • View timetables
  • Check attendance
  • Check progress reports
  • Top up WisePay

To find out more about MyNCC and how to use your account, please follow this How to Guide.

Please click here to access the My NCC website

You can also download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Within MyNCC you will also find a link to ProPortal.  This system is used to report absence and view progress reports.

Don’t forget – this is not launched immediately at the start of term as we are settling in all the student log-ins. This is launched around the end of september. 

Sign up for our Newsletter

Our E-Newsletter is written especially for parents. Register here to be added to our mailing list. The newsletter keeps you up-to-date with information, news, and events from the college. You can read the latest newsletter by clicking the box at the bottom of this page.

Useful Links

  • Click here for parent/carers frequently asked questions
  • Click here for mental health and wellbeing support
  • Click here for our student success stories

Progress Evenings

Book your appointment directly on SchoolCloud for the Online Progress Evening.

Progress reports are available via Proportal, this can be accessed through MyNCC. (see below for more information)

Choose your campus below:

Contact information for parents and carers of current students

Do we have your correct contact details? If you don’t provide this to the college, your child may miss out! For example, they may not be able to attend college trips and visits and we won’t be able to invite you to parents/carers review meetings.

Check that we have your correct details:

Every student has a New City College ProPortal account. In their ProPortal home screen, students should go to the Information menu and select Further Details. Next of Kin can be found on that page and this is where your contact details should be checked and updated.

At New City College, we believe that working in partnership with parents and carers of our students is incredibly important, to make sure that our young students have the best possible chance of success. As such, we will need to contact you from time to time.

This is so that we can:
  • Invite you to important events such as progress reviews and our upcoming parents/carers’ welcome event
  • Contact you in case of an emergency both at college or on any off-campus trips or activities. (Students will not be able to take part in college trips without an emergency contact)
  • Keep you up to date with important news and announcements about the college
  • Contact you if we need to make any changes to teaching arrangements, for example, if there are any Government Covid guidance changes.

We will shortly invite you to create a parent and carer ProPortal account where you can view key information on your young person’s studies.

For any questions or queries, you may have, please call our friendly advisors on 0330 135 9000 or email