Internal Progression

Internal progression takes place during the summer term.

Get ready to progress for success!

We hope you are enjoying studying at New City College.

During the summer term, your teachers will arrange a conversation with you about your progression at college and your plans for the next academic year. This discussion will help you to identify any areas you need to work on to pass your course so that you can progress to the next level and complete your progression enrolment before the summer break.

What is progression?

Progression includes moving from Year 1 to Year 2 of your course, or onto a higher-level course within your subject area. 

Progression enables the college to give priority to current students before places are given to new students. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to secure your place at New City College. 

Progression will begin from 15 June. Your teacher will arrange for your class to attend a slot to complete your progression enrolment. This will secure your place on your chosen course for the next academic year, providing that you meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the entry requirements of the programme.  
  • Have good attendance and punctuality across all qualifications in your study programme.  
  • Complete all work that you are set to a high standard, completing the any extension work where appropriate. 


Want to change subject area?

If you are thinking about changing your subject area, you can start the discussion with your teacher now. We are hosting a Progression Transfer Event on Friday 30 June where you will be able to speak with curriculum staff in your chosen area. If you are successful, you will have the opportunity to enrol on the day.