“I was very reluctant to do the Supported Internship programme due to my initial interest in Media. After further consideration and support from my tutors, I decided the programme was a good fit for my long-term future.

At New City College the Supported Internship programme is tailored around your individual interest. Although I was unable to go directly onto the Media course I was initially interested in, my Job coach helped match a placement according to my interest. I had a trial placement at Snappy snaps which led me to secure a permanent job opportunity with the company. My placement opportunity at Snappy Snaps increased my communication skills, team working and time management skills.

I have also had another placement opportunity to work at Blink Dance Theatre as a Trainee Facilitator and Performance Support. At Blink Dance, I worked with specialist schools and students in drama. I was awarded a permanent contract after my continuous hard work and inspiring contribution to the team.

There are lots of support, exciting activities and opportunities available at New City College. It’s challenged me and enabled me to grow in ways I didn’t think possible at this point in my life”.