Boundless Opportunities – by Sajjid A B Siddique

Boundless Opportunities – by Sajjid A B Siddique

Choosing to learn at New City College’s Havering Sixth Form has certainly been the best choice I’ve made in my life up until now. Here, there is a tremendous academic but agreeable atmosphere, and it’s exceptionally easy to meet new people and make new friends. The academic side of life is significantly better too as you can focus on subjects you are truly energetic about!

I study A Level Law, Psychology and Religious Studies. I picked these subjects as I find them mentally invigorating, yet very enjoyable. I’m striving to accomplish more than I expected because the teachers here are continually able to assist you and are even willing to put on additional class sessions if you ask. My A Levels are a ton of work, and these subjects are intensely essay-based, yet I have discovered that if you are enthusiastic and put in the hours, you will achieve so much in the long run.

Over the time I’ve been in college, I’ve been able to take up boundless opportunities and take part in activities, for instance sports such as football and badminton. I have also this year taken on the role of Student Ambassador. There are clubs you can join like the Debating Society, a Magician’s course and a range of other extra-curricular societies that give an ideal blend between the academic and fun side of college life.

When you start at the sixth form, you instantly feel a greater sense of responsibility. I have also found it has been an extraordinary learning experience and has allowed me to drive myself forward, even when things haven’t gone to plan.

At college there is an incredible harmony between giving us students some individual opportunity, and yet ensuring we work hard and get the results we need. I have definitely made the most of my first year at Havering Sixth Form, and I’m looking forward to the next exciting chapter!

Sajjid joined the college in September 2020 and is studying A Levels in Law, Psychology and Religious Studies.