Stories of a Digital Marketing Apprentice – by Mackenzie Finch

Stories of a Digital Marketing Apprentice – by Mackenzie Finch

My journey as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at New City College began soon after I decided that university life was not for me. After feeling like I had entered into a premature midlife crisis I decided to pull myself together and look for a job that would not only fulfil my creative needs, but also help me gain confidence and grow as an individual.

The term ‘apprenticeship’ had not frequently crossed my mind. At my school sixth form I was told that to succeed in life you must attain a degree, and that apprenticeships were for the less advanced. To some extent I believed this, and that was one of the reasons that made me hesitant to apply. However, after completing my first year as an apprentice at New City College I have realised how wrong I was and how beneficial they are! Apprenticeships are for EVERYONE, they are so diverse and allow you to gain access to the sector you want to work in.

Throughout school and sixth form I knew that working within the media sector was what I had my heart set on. I’ve always had a creative flair, especially for writing and designing. So, when choosing this apprenticeship, I knew that it had to be predominantly based on these aspects that I enjoy the most.

A day in the life of my job usually consists of scheduling social media posts for specific digital campaigns, editing video content, photographing events, gathering analytics and replying to enquiries. My role is so diverse – I love it. One day I could be sat in the office scheduling posts, and the next day I could be at one of our campuses helping to film a promotional video.

My apprenticeship focuses primarily on the digital aspects of marketing and allows me to utilize the internet and online-based technology such as mobile phones, computers and other digital media platforms to promote the courses we offer and to give potential applicants an insight into what New City College is all about.

But there are so many varied types of apprenticeships that are available! From Administration to Infrastructure Technicians, there’s something for everyone. I would urge anyone who is considering undertaking an apprenticeship to apply and throw yourself in at the deep end!

Fashion is also something that I am really passionate about so I would love to work within this industry in the future, and with my knowledge and experience gained from my apprenticeship, nothing can stop me! Don’t let it stop you.

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Mackenzie works as our New City College Digital Marketing Apprentice at the Epping Forest campus in Loughton.