Five Benefits of Apprenticeships You Need to Know – by Mackenzie Finch

Five Benefits of Apprenticeships You Need to Know – by Mackenzie Finch

If you didn’t already know, apprenticeships are for everyone!

Whether you’re starting your first career, fancy a different role or want to upskill in your current job, applying for an apprenticeship is an option for you.

As long as you’re 16, not already in full-time education and live in England, you’re on your way to becoming an apprentice!

There are many benefits, and these unfold as you progress throughout your journey.

The first obvious benefit is the fact that you will come away with a fully recognised qualification upon completion and this will assist you in gaining future employment. Not only will you gain this qualification, you will also obtain real experience from a working environment where you will have the advantage of learning from experienced individuals.

This is something that I have found to be extremely valuable, with my college course and knowledge learnt from team members combined, I feel that I am fully equipped for my future career as a Digital Marketer.

Many employers look at hiring individuals who have suitable experience in the desired role. University graduates often find that once they have completed their degree, they struggle to find an appropriate position that doesn’t require actual experience. With an apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds – the required on-the-job experience and a relevant qualification that employers are seeking.

One of the real benefits that most people are attracted to is the ‘earn while you learn’ aspect. Earning a salary whilst improving your knowledge is an obvious bonus and one that keeps motivation and devotion to achieving the desired qualification at an all-time high. For someone who is young and just starting their career, this can be a huge plus that allows them to progress whilst earning a wage and not having to pay any student debt which is usually incurred with university study.

Another benefit that most people may not be aware of is the ability to gain independence and time-management skills. From being a school sixth form student to becoming an apprentice, having to manage my own time, take responsibility for my role and think strategically 24/7, I can honestly say that my confidence and problem-solving skills have improved vastly.

There are over 400 different types of apprenticeships, so there are plenty of roles to choose from. Whether you are interested in Media, Construction, Business or anything in between, there is something for everyone!

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