Jack Wood-Murphy

Jack Wood-Murphy

Jack sought advice from staff in The CUBE when he decided he wanted to apply for apprenticeships rather than go to university – and he ended up securing a Level 7 Apprenticeship role with prestigious City company KPMG.

This five-year Audit programme will enable Jack to work, earn a good salary and also study at the same time for a Level 7 Masters degree in Chartered Accountancy.

He said: “I was so excited to hear I had got the job. It’s the best of both worlds – I will be working but also studying for a qualification and KPMG pay for all the costs associated with the degree, so I don’t end up with any student debt, which I would have if I’d gone to uni – and I’m earning my own money at quite a young age.

“I’m looking forward to the freedom and independence that going to work will bring as well as the opportunities and experience. The CUBE staff were excellent, they really encouraged me through the process and gave me loads of helpful advice.”

Jack, 17, who studied A Levels in Economics, Psychology and Law at Havering Sixth Form, advises other students to start applying for apprenticeships early in their second college year – and to never underestimate how tough the process is.

He said: “I applied for about 15 different apprenticeships. It’s time-consuming and takes effort, but it’s worth it. With the KPMG one I applied in December on their website and they got back to me about two to three weeks later. I then had to record myself online answering three set questions and send it to them.

“After I passed that section, it took a month for them to contact me again and I then had to do an Inductive Reasoning Assessment Logic test. After a couple of weeks I attended a virtual Assessment Centre on Teams where there were other candidates. This was a three hour session where I had to edit a report and have an interview which was tough – the questions were challenging.

“I was told I would hear from them within five working days and the waiting was quite nerve-racking but finally I got the call and was told I had the apprenticeship role! I was so happy and I’m really looking forward to it.”

He added: “I would say to other students going through the process that they should try to be confident and be themselves – don’t change to try to be someone you think they are looking for.”