Jyotsna is a full-time mum and is also studying the Education and Training Level 3 Award course. She says all the staff at New City College have contributed in one way or another towards her achievement and she is very grateful for this.


Tell us about your education journey – what and where did you study before coming to NCC? 

The transition from being a full-time mother to being a student was not easy as it has been 18 long years since I last did any academic study. I took my degree back in 2005 in India where I completed my Masters in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing and Human Resources.  

Tell us something about yourself 

I got married in the same year that I gained my Masters degree – 2005 – and I am now a mother of two. I kept my knowledge alive by supporting my children with their homework and home tutoring on my strongest subject area, mathematics. Before I enrolled at New City College, so many thoughts were going through my mind such as, how will I fit in with others, will I be able to complete it, is this the right course for me… and so on!   

What is your ambition in life?  

My ambition in life is to help society in every possible way I can, and to see myself in a position where I am financially independent. 

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 15-year-old self?   

I would say, focus, focus, focus on your strengths and stop overthinking what others might think of you. 

Who is your role model?  

I think every successful person is a role model as you get to learn something from each person. However, if I have to name one, it is my father. 

What is the biggest change you wish to see in the world?  

My thoughts on the changes I would like to see in the world come from the words of Mahatma Gandhi: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. So, I believe every individual should be considerate and tolerant to each other, no matter what. This small step towards change will lead to a better world. 

What values are most important to you?  

The most vital values for me are hard work and honesty in the work you do. Also most importantly, always be humble and respectful towards others. 

Who is your favourite teacher? 

Mentesnot Mengesha is my favourite teacher for being so patient with each and every student, motivating every student to speak up and most importantly for treating every student equally and fairly. 

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned on your course? 

Everything about the course is interesting! The most interesting thing that I have learned though, is to be yourself no matter where you are starting from in your life. The course guided me to rebuild myself by gaining self-confidence and to work on my strengths and weaknesses. 

What makes you feel positive?  

I feel positive when I speak with friends or other people who motivate and inspire me.  

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?  

I have a belief in life that ‘be good and the good will come back to you’. 

How did New City College help you achieve? 

NCC has a fantastic framework. The experienced tutors were more like mentors to me and all the support staff were so welcoming and friendly, even people like the receptionists, serving assistants at the canteen, librarians and security staff. They all contributed in one way or another towards my achievement. Overall New City College is a safe place to learn and achieve your desired results. 

What’s the best advice you have received?  

The best advice has come from my wonderful tutor Mentesnot Mengesha: ‘Don’t limit yourself. I have high expectations of you’! 

If you had three wishes, what would they be?  

The first would be to lead a happy and satisfied life, the second would be that I was able to balance my professional and family life, and the third would be financial freedom. 

What are your plans for your next steps? 

New City College has provided me with a platform to take my skills to the next level. I always followed the principle of taking one small step at a time, as taking small steps will lead to progress and satisfaction to yourself. A next step for me is always to grab the opportunities that come my way and to gain experience from them. 


Well done Jyotsna on your brilliant achievements!