Kathleen is about to start teacher training after achieving a BA Hons in Education at NCC. She says it has all been possible because of the tremendous support she received from her teachers and she is truly grateful for the opportunities she’s had.


Tell us about your education journey – what and where did you study before coming to NCC? 

I started at Barking college and completed English, Maths and Science GCSEs. I then went on to New City College, where I completed the Foundation Degree and BA Hons in Education.   

What are your next steps? 

My next steps are to commence teacher training this year. 

What’s your ambition in life? 

My ambition has always been to be a teacher and I am finally doing it! 

How did New City College help you achieve? 

NCC helped me to achieve by having an amazing group of tutors alongside me every step of the way. 

What values are most important to you? 

I believe you should be resilient and keep going no matter what.   

What is the best advice you have ever received? 

The best advice I have ever received is to believe in yourself, be proud and never give up. 

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 15-year-old self? 

I would tell my 15-year-old self to work harder in school. 

What makes you feel positive? 

My children make me feel positive. If they can see me achieving my dreams, I believe it shows them that they can also accomplish that. 

Who is your favourite teacher and why? 

Paul Demetriou and Joanna Georgiou are my favourite tutors because they kept me going over the last 3 years while I have been studying. They were always there with positive thoughts to guide me along the way.   

What is the best thing about New City College? 

NCC allowed me to achieve a degree, whilst still working full-time and taking care of my family and for that I am very grateful.