No Need to be Scared – by Faye Agambar

No Need to be Scared – by Faye Agambar

Hey, I know this may be a scary time for new students. It’s a little daunting going from the security and comfort of your secondary school into a college that may be very unfamiliar.

If this feeling is something that you can relate to, don’t worry, I was in this position too. I am two years down the line and about to leave college to head off to university! I have done it, I have made it through what may seem like a worrying experience – one that you are also about to face.

Trust me when I say this, there is nothing to worry about! I am a TV and Film student as well as a Drama student and if I could give you one piece of advice to help your college experience go a bit more smoothly,  it would be to make sure you are passionate about the subject or subjects you are taking. It will mean a lot when you get round to having to produce big pieces of work. Along with this, I have some other advice for you:

Firstly; be organised. Make sure you know where to be and at what time. Have all of your books, or in my case, online folders, in a good order so that work is easily accessible and understandable. Make sure you know when you have deadlines and work hard towards  them to ensure you don’t miss them. You don’t want to fall behind.

Secondly; be yourself. Everyone else is taken! Making new friends may seem a bit scary, but when you get into your classes you will see that people have similar interests to you otherwise you would not be on the same course. Be confident, most students are in the same boat as you – you are not the only newbie, and many will be looking for new friends, so don’t be scared to say ‘hi.’

Lastly; try not to stress too much. Take care of your body, mentally and physically. Have lots of water, eat a good diet and give yourself a break. Everyone has bad days, trust me they will happen in your two years at college, but all bad things come to an end – there is always sunshine after the storm. So be kind to yourself and others and you will go far!

Faye joined the college in September 2019 and is studying BTEC TV & Film and BTEC Performing Arts (Drama).