Philippa studied Art, Design and Media at Epping Forest campus. She has dreams of setting up her own small business designing things like tote bags and T-shirts. She told us about her journey with NCC in the Q&A below.


Tell us about your education journey 

My education journey has been astonishing. I never thought I would be where I am today and have achieved all I have when I first started.   

What are your plans for your next steps? 

I plan to keep doing what I’m doing in college and achieve every possible outcome. Also, I would love to be a part of a work experience programme, so they are able to see that I am a very enthusiastic person. I love to break the language barrier for people who are deaf, as I am a deaf person myself who uses BSL (British Sign Language). I’m really amazed with myself seeing how much I have achieved since I left school.   

What’s your ambition in life? 

I am still thinking about the career path I want to follow, but I know that I want to build on my ideas and my ambition is to find something I will love to do. Eventually, I would like to set up a small business designing things like tote bags and T-shirts, but with sign language, to support deaf small business owners around the UK.  

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned on your course? 

I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course that I have studied at NCC. 

How did New City College help you achieve? 

NCC believed in me and that has made me feel that I am able do succeed and do anything I want to. 

What values are most important to you? 

Honesty, loyalty, wisdom, forgiveness, creativity and courage are the values that are important to me. 

What is the biggest change you wish to see in the world? 

I would love to see people use sign language to communicate and it would be great to see British Sign Language used in artwork as that is quite rare to see. It would be inspiring for young deaf people if this was to happen and they would be able to spread awareness too.  

What is the best advice you have ever received? 

I got a lot of advice from different people, but one of the best quotes I heard was from a teacher who said to me: ‘Dream big. Work hard. Make it happen’. I think about it and it reminds me to follow the words to better myself. 

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 15-year-old self? 

I would say, never give up and keep exploring the world. 

What makes you feel positive? 

Seeing the progress I have made throughout my academic journey at NCC, from start to finish, makes me feel positive.    

Who is your role model? 

My mum because she taught me so many creativity skills. She’s a single mother and she has fought for me all my life and I really appreciate her! 

Who is your favourite teacher and why? 

Every teacher I have had has been friendly, understanding and supportive. I admire them all in a different way. If I had to pick one, it would be Emma because she is amazing. 

What is the best thing about New City College? 

The best thing is that everyone is very welcoming, polite and believes that you can achieve. I felt inspired by them and it was good to prove that deaf people can be successful when given the chance.   

If you had three wishes, what would they be? 

That’s a hard one! My three wishes would be that everyone would learn basic sign language so they are able to communicate with me and others inside and outside the college. Second is to see other deaf students being inspired and realising that being deaf is not an obstacle to their education. My third wish is to see those who have really worked hard achieve their goals!