Financial Support

Financial help and free meals from New City College

  • Apply for our bursary. For 16-18 year olds* this includes free college meals.

    Lots of our students receive financial help through our bursary.

    • For 16-18 year old students your household income needs to be less than £26,000 per year. If you are eligible you will receive payments through the year as well as £3.50 meal credit per college day.
    • For adult students your individual income needs to be less than £26,000 per year.
    • Some vulnerable students or those with additional needs may be eligible for other financial support. Email

    If you think you might be eligible apply here

    There is more detail about the bursary here:

    Returning students need to reapply this year.

    *Aged 16-18 on the 31 August prior to the start of your course.

    Any questions, please email the bursary team at

  • Have Free Food in the first two weeks of term (16-18s and 16-24 with EHCP)

    • For the first two weeks of the autumn term, 16-18 year old students, and 16-24 with an EHCP, receive £3.50 per day to spend on college meals. All they have to do is swipe their ID card at the till.
    • To carry on receiving free meals after September 16 2022, you must apply for the bursary (see above)
  • Apply for free and discounted travel

Some adult courses can be funded through an Advanced Learner Loan

Advanced Learner Loan

These Government loans are available to students aged 19+ for eligible Further Education courses at Levels 3 and above, if you are not entitled to full funding for your course.

Before making your decision to take a loan, we recommend you visit the Money Advice Service website for independent advice.

Download the Advanced Learner Loan Factsheet here.


Qualifying for an Advanced Learner Loan depends on your course, college or training provider, age and nationality or residency status. You can find information about the eligibility criteria, interest and repayments by clicking this link: Advanced Learner Loan

The loan is easy to apply for, your household income is not considered and it does not involve a credit check. If your course is eligible, the loan will fund your tuition fees at Level 3 and above, including HE Access courses. You only start to pay back the loan once you have finished your course and you are earning over £25,000 per year. Until then you do not need to start paying back the loan but you can make voluntary repayments at any time.

Whether you are a parent returning to work, a job seeker looking to enhance your employment prospects, or you are thinking about a career change, there is a New City College course that is right for you, and the financial help to get you started.

How to Apply

If you decide to apply for the loan you will need a learning and funding information letter to be able to complete the online application. You will receive this letter following your offer of a place on the course. You will need a National Insurance number to complete your loan application and a valid passport if you have one.

Click here to Begin Your Loan Application

If you are studying a degree course, do not apply for the Advanced Learner Loan. Please see information on applying for Higher Education funding by clicking this link: Student Finance

Contact our Advice Team

Please contact our advice team for more information on advanced learner loans
Tel: 0330 135 9000