16-18: A Levels

Further Mathematics (A Level)

Course Overview

Entry requirements

An average point score will be calculated from your GCSE grades. The required point score for this course is 5.1 from a minimum of 5 grade 4s or above. Additionally, grade 5 or above in English Language and grade 8 or above in Maths is required. This course must be taken with A Level Mathematics.


Pure Mathematics which makes up two thirds of the course involves algebra, geometry, trigonometry, graphs, sequences and calculus. Mechanics deal with motion and forces and links well with Physics. Statistics includes analysis of data and probability, including evaluating claims based on data. Discrete Maths includes mathematical study of networks and optimisation, and combines well with Computing, Business Studies and Economics.

You can expect to:

  • Widen and deepen your understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Learn and apply a wide range of mathematical techniques
  • Study applications of mathematics to Mechanics, Statistics and Discrete Maths
  • Use and interpret Mathematics in modelling situations based on the real world

The Mathematics we study is intrinsically fascinating, but also lays the foundations for further study. This course is often taken alongside the Sciences, Computing and Economics, but students on Further Maths study a wide variety of other subjects, such as Psychology, Music, Media Studies, English, German and History - in fact most courses go well with this subject.

Further Mathematics is studied alongside A Level Maths, which results in achieving two A Levels. Skill in algebra is fundamental to success in this course. Two thirds of the course is Pure Mathematics, and the rest includes areas of Applied Maths: Mechanics, Statistics and Discrete Maths. The course demands a strong overall GCSE profile. Further Maths is ideal for excellent and enthusiastic Maths students considering studying mathematical and scientific courses at university.
  • Assessment Criteria

    100% Exam

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What Can This Course Lead To

Double Maths is one of the most highly valued qualifications and is excellent preparation for any degree courses in Maths or related subjects, such as Economics, Statistics, Engineering and Physics. It is also well-respected by employers, with its emphasis on clarity, structure of mathematical thought and attention to detail. This qualification will boost your earning power. Many of the top jobs require maths, from game design to architecture, from accountancy to intelligence.

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