Curriculum Quality Students Committee

Purpose Of The Committee

The Curriculum, Quality, and Student Committee oversees the College’s Quality Strategy and Policy and is responsible for the oversight of academic performance, student experience, and curriculum development. It is also responsible for monitoring safeguarding and Prevent and equality and diversity, all of which are monitored regularly.

Curriculum – the Committee reviews the curriculum annually to ensure it meets the needs of learners and employers. Engagement with employers and other stakeholders is reviewed and monitored in order to remain responsive to workforce trends.

Quality – the Committee receives reports on internal quality reviews, self-assessment reports, and post-inspection action plans and monitors the processes and actions for improvement. It sets targets and agrees on performance indicators for areas such as attendance and retention and monitors progress.

Students – after reviewing student feedback, the Committee aims to enhance the student experience by contributing to strategies for improvement and monitoring these. The Committee considers and contributes to changes to the Student Union Constitution. In relation to HE students, the Committee reviews reports and advises the Corporation regarding academic experience, student outcomes, and degree standards, enabling the Corporation to provide assurances to the Office for Students.

Members Of The Committee

  • Philida Schellekens (Chair)
  • Brijesh Patel
  • Claire Baker
  • Gerry McDonald
  • Marilyn Hawkins
  • Mohammad Hussain
  • Nazifa Sania
  • Paul Crossey (Co-opted)
  • Philida Schellekens
  • Ruth Gilbert
  • Sue Williams

Terms Of Reference, Minutes Of Meeting & Key Documents