The Power of Reading

'Reading enables us to expand our horizons and grow our ambitions. It builds creativity and imagination, knowledge and skills, empathy and understanding. It connects people and strengthens communities. It improves our prospects, shapes our life chances and helps us manage our health and wellbeing'

Sue Wilkinson, Chief Executive, The Reading Agency

A Society of Readers’

DEMOS 2018

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  • Reading for success

    Research studies consistently find that children who read for pleasure do better academically than children who don’t, regardless of gender and socio-economic background. College students are not children, but it is never too late to become a reader and benefit from the advantages that reading can bring.

    By reading more, and reading for pleasure, you will improve your concentration, your vocabulary, your writing skills, your understanding and your mental health and wellbeing. This in turn will improve your grades, your progression and your employability.

    Reading shouldn’t be boring. Speak to one of our knowledgeable, friendly librarians who will help you find the right book for you, or take a look at the book choices available on the reading for a pleasure web page.

  • Reading for pleasure

    Each campus library has an extensive collection of books to enable students to read for pleasure. Alongside the latest novels by prize-winning authors and genre fiction, we have graphic novels and non-fiction including biographies, popular science, history and popular culture. Our collection reflects the diversity of culture, experience and interests of our college community and there is something for everyone.

    Explore some of our collections. Log into your library account to ‘click and collect’ any of these titles.

  • Reading for ESOL

    If English is not your first language then reading is a really good way to improve your language skills. The more you read the better your English will become. Reading will help to improve listening and speaking, vocabulary and spelling, fluency and understanding. Our outstanding collection of graded readers is carefully chosen and labelled to match your level of study, from absolute beginners to Level 2 and over.

    We have a selection of the titles available at each level:

  • Online book club

    Our online book club meets every month. Members share their reading recommendations and discuss their current book choice.

    If you are interested in joining please contact

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