Celebrations to mark LGBT+ History Month

Celebrations to mark LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month was celebrated throughout February at New City College with a number of key events, including an enrichment fair, competitions, music and film showings.

The different events gave students the opportunity to learn about and embrace the past, present and the future of LGBT+ people and communities.

At the enrichment fair at Havering Sixth Form campus, students could browse stalls, listen to music, take part in badge-making, win prizes and read testimonials from LGBT+ celebrities.

During the month there was also a Puzzle4Pizza competition where students had to complete a jigsaw puzzle with an LGBTQ+ message in the fastest time to win a Pizza Party for their entire class. The winners at Epping Forest campus were Kieran, Caitlin, Emma and Paige from Level 3 Tourism & Aviation who finished the puzzle in a time of 10:20.47.

At Redbridge campus students from Sport, Hair & Beauty, Health & Social Care, Early Years, IT & Computing, Performing Arts and Science competed against each other in the Puzzle4Pizza contest. The winners were Level 2 Beauty Therapy students who won in 12 minutes.

A creative competition gave students the chance to write a poem, short story, or create artwork on the theme of what LGBTQ+ means to them with winners receiving £20 and £10 gift vouchers.

Students at Ardleigh Green campus in Hornchurch enjoyed an Affirmation Cake and Bake activity where they decorated cookies and cakes and wrote iced messages such as ‘The greatest love is self love’.

Senior Safeguarding & Enrichment Manager Emma Wood said: “While we have come a long way in terms of inclusion and attitudes towards same gender relationships and equal marriage, there is still a great deal of work that can happen in terms of positive trans, including non-binary, representation and inclusion.

“By marking this important month, we wanted to create awareness, education and insight into the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community with an opportunity to explore the idea of social justice and changing attitudes.”