Routes after A Levels — What Can I do Next?

Routes after A Levels — What Can I do Next?

Not sure what to do or which route to take after completing your A Levels? Deciding on the next step in your education journey can be challenging, after all, there are so many great options to consider. Here are just some of the pathways you could take!

University after A Levels

The most common pathway after A Levels is to study for a degree at university. Many young people choose this route for increased independence, new opportunities and the excitement of a fresh social scene.

University allows learners to choose courses that best suit their interests and individual abilities, meaning they get to study something they’re passionate about. It’s also a great option for those who want to develop the knowledge required for their desired career and to potentially unlock a higher earning potential.

With over 65,000 higher education courses at UK universities and colleges, there’s a variety of options and campus locations to pick from.

Higher Level Apprenticeship after A Levels

A higher level apprenticeship is a perfect alternative to university and a good balance between work and study. It’s most suited to those who don’t feel quite ready to give up education but still want to dive into the world of work, earn some money and get hands-on experience. Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to pick up skills and a qualification in a practical way.

A big incentive for becoming an apprentice is that you are paid to learn and you can achieve a degree qualification without any university debt. Besides this, apprenticeships are highly regarded by employers, and anyone who has a relevant qualification paired with experience are in great demand. The means that quite often an apprentice is more likely to have job success over a university student who has a qualification but no experience.

Employment after A Levels

Many learners who have their hearts set on a profession may consider going straight into employment after finishing their A Levels. With a wide range of junior roles available in most careers, this is a good option for the confident, motivated, and the determined as well as those who have the gift of the gab!

Websites such as IndeedNational Careers Service and Youth Employment will be your best companion when searching for jobs, looking for CV tips, or for seeking interview preparation advice.

Taking a Gap Year after A Levels

Stuck on what to do next? Taking a gap year is becoming more and more popular among Gen Zs who want to take time out to think about their future and take a break from studying.

During a gap year, you could explore the option of a part-time job which could earn you money for travelling or saving for university. Gap years also provide the opportunity to volunteer in your local community, to gain life experiences and those all-important ‘adult’ skills needed for future endeavours.

Internships after A Levels

Internships are a fantastic way to gain experience with an employer in your chosen sector. This route will provide you with the perfect head start in acquiring knowledge and skills before going on to further study or work.

Internships also give you a brilliant insight into the daily tasks of a job you are interested in, meaning that, as with apprenticeships, you gain hands-on experience and transferable skills. This pathway could even lead to a permanent position for those who show commitment and talent to the employer.

The options above are just a few of the routes available after A Levels — there are many more to explore! The thought of leaving sixth form or college and starting something new can be exciting, and you may be looking forward to the freedoms that formal education doesn’t offer. However, these opportunities are difficult to get your head around when you don’t know what you want. So, take your time, research, discuss your options and don’t succumb to pressure!

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