Student litter patrols keeping our streets clean

Student litter patrols keeping our streets clean

Community-minded students organised a litter-pick around New City College Ardleigh Green campus in Havering and between them managed to clean up an area of about five miles!

Joined by the college Deputy Principal Ian Budge, the volunteer students wore high-viz jackets, gloves and carried litter-picker tools and large bags to collect rubbish.

Starting at All Saints Church in Ardleigh Green Road, they split up into pairs and worked on side streets leading from Squirrels Heath Road, Ardleigh Green Road and in and around local businesses.

Ian said: “We received lots of positive messages from local residents as we walked picking up any litter we saw, which was great. It left the students feeling very proud of their work.”

He added that the litter patrols would be run regularly from the college and any other members of the community that wished to join in were more than welcome. All PPE and equipment would be provided.

“Havering Council do a lot of work to keep the streets clean, but with budget cuts over the last few years they have a difficult job, so as the college is a big part of the Ardleigh Green community, we are happy to support them in their endeavours,” he said.