Finally Fitting In – by Maizie Monk

Finally Fitting In – by Maizie Monk

In secondary school I felt like an outsider, never knowing where I fit in, never meeting anyone with the same interests as me, almost feeling atypical.

My mum used to worry a lot, always asking me who I hung round with, who I sat next to in class. I was quite lucky as I have a twin sister, who is my best friend in the entire world, and she would never let me be by myself. She always included me in her friendship groups, making sure I was never eating lunch by myself. But I could have thousands of people around me telling me that I will fit in eventually, but I would never believe them.

However, that all changed when I got to Havering Sixth Form, it was like I could finally exhale. I had a place where not only did I have this incredible opportunity to study amazing subjects, but I felt safe to be my true authentic self.

I understand not everybody is lucky like me and has a twin sister to look after them, even when you do not want them to, but at Havering Sixth Form there is always someone there to talk to no matter what the problem. In addition to that you oversee your own destiny here. You make the choices about your education. You are treated like an adult; they know that you know what the best thing for you and your education is and they try their very best to support you in any decision you may make.

In addition to this I cannot express to you how refreshing it is to know that there is always someone rooting for you at college, no matter what the circumstances – there is always someone in your corner.

Maizie is studying A Level Film Studies, Law and Sociology at Havering Sixth Form.