Interview Tips for Potential Apprentices – by Mackenzie Finch

Interview Tips for Potential Apprentices – by Mackenzie Finch

Attending an interview is always a nerve-wracking experience. For many potential apprenticeship applicants, this could be their first. With my top tips below, you can be sure to smash your apprenticeship interview.

When you walk into any interview it is always key to make a good first impression as this can ultimately determine your success. Researching the organisation beforehand and finding out more information about the company culture will enable the interviewers to see that you have gone above and beyond within your research. This will immediately put you in a more respectable position than anyone else who has not carried out this small, but significant task.

Furthering the point above, you may wish to seek out common apprenticeship interview questions and prepare some answers. This will assist you in feeling more equipped for any questions that may be thrown your way during the interview process. Some common questions that came up during my apprenticeship interview were based on my personal skills, what I could bring to the role and why I applied for the position. Pre-planning some answers before your interview might help you in considering what key points you want to make.

As soon as you walk into the room, you need to make a good first impression, dress sense can help with this. With any job role, be that within the construction or business sectors, you should always dress smartly in appropriate clothing. Wearing professional clothing to your apprenticeship interview will demonstrate that you are taking the interview seriously and that you are really keen on being chosen for the position.

Other aspects that can assist you within an interview are body language and tone of voice. You should always sit up straight and with your hands placed in front of you, this will make you appear more confident than you may feel and will let the interviewer know that you are a serious contender for the position. Maintaining eye contact is another key aspect of a good interview and shows that you are fully engaged with the interviewer and the questions that they are asking.

Many people leave an interview without asking the employer any questions. This is one of the most fatal mistakes a potential apprentice can make. Asking questions not only makes you seem inquisitive and invested, but it also allows you to portray to the interviewer that you have come prepared. This is something that could make or break whether you get the position.

Once your interview is over and you have left the room, remain positive and withhold your nervousness until you have left the building. Thank the interviewer for their time and ask if they can send you feedback, regardless of whether you got the job or not.

In summary:

  • Be on time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Do your research
  • Have confidence
  • Ask questions

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