Building Friendships – by Allie Monk

Building Friendships – by Allie Monk

Havering Sixth Form is just the best sixth form! The teachers and other people here encourage such productivity and success – it is amazing.

Coming from a school where it seemed that there was no one in my corner, it is now a great feeling to know that there is always someone here for me. Someone has always got your back, encouraging you to succeed and making sure that you are doing your very best at all times.

Also, at college I have had the opportunity to meet the most amazing people and build amazing friendships. I not only learn about the subjects I’ve chosen, but I am learning so much more about myself and my capabilities. I am experiencing so much more, from different cultures to different types of people.

Havering is one of the best places to further your education. In addition to this there are plenty of places on campus to hang out with friends or to do homework or study.

I’m thankful to the sixth form for giving me this opportunity to further myself and become a better person. It is an amazing place!

Allie joined the college in September 2020 and is studying A Levels in English Literature, History and Sociology.