Keeping Safe At College

Safeguarding at New City College

Safeguarding is about keeping our students safe, both inside and outside of college. New City College is committed to safeguarding and student safety.

If you are a New City College student and you feel unsafe or would like to tell us about a safeguarding concern:

  • Speak to a safeguarding officer at your campus or any other member of staff.
  • Or email:

Please visit our Safeguarding page.

Staying safe online

Once you are a New City College student we will only email you on your college email account.

​The college will never contact your personal email address to ask for bank details.
If you receive an email to your personal email address from an account that looks similar to the college (but from a gmail or yahoo account for example) it will be a fake email. Please delete it immediately. Do not send your bank details.
We will only contact you about finance and bursary via your college email address.