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French (A Level)

Course Overview

Entry requirements

GCSE Average Points Score: 4.3, Grade 5 English Language GCSE, Grade 4 Maths GCSE, GCSE French 6

Course information

Despite the popular misconception that everyone speaks English, 75 per cent of the world's population do not, and as businesses are becoming increasingly international, there has never been such an important time in our history to learn a foreign language. Most employers value candidates with good language skills. A Level French will help you achieve that by giving you a sound understanding of using the language in a variety of contexts and situations. You will improve communication in French by developing your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

The aim of this course is to develop your French language skills to an advanced level whilst exploring cultural aspects of French-speaking countries. We aim to open your mind to the fascinating aspects of the language, life and times of France and its people. There is an emphasis on giving you the grammatical understanding and the vocabulary to express and justify your own opinions in French and to move away from memorising phrases.
You can expect to:
  • Read and understand texts
  • Write extended essays
  • Listen to and comprehend the spoken language
  • Understand the key social and cultural aspects of France
  • Express ideas and opinions about key modern issues in written form
  • Talk about important issues in French
  • Study a film in the first year and a novel in the second                      
French is usually studied with two other A Levels or one other A Level and a Level 3 single BTEC. It combines well with most subjects but it combines particularly well with Spanish or other courses in the Humanities, Languages and Literature Faculty, such as History or English Language.
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  • How you are assessed

    100% Exam

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What Can This Course Lead To

Progress to university, further study or employment.

Languages can help you add an international dimension to your studies and your future career and you can benefit from the ERASMUS programme that allows you to study for a year abroad at a European University. Many students cannot take advantage of this generous programme simply because they do not have the language skills. French is a valuable asset in almost all areas of the working world; business, finance, teaching, translation, retail, the civil service and international organisations.

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