16-18 Courses, 16-18: A Levels

Law (A Level)

Course Overview

Entry requirements

GCSE Average Points Score: 4.3, Grade 5 English Language GCSE, Grade 4 Maths GCSE, GCSE Written Subject 6 Desirable

Course information

Studying Law gives students an insight into the role of Law in today's society and raises their awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals. From criminal law to the civil courts and from legal arguments to the rule of law, students will develop knowledge and understanding of this interesting subject. By learning about legal rules and how and why they apply to real life, students also develop their analytical ability, decision-making, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. All these skills are highly sought after by higher education institutions and employers.

The primary aim of studying this course is to give students an in-depth understanding of the role that Law plays in today's world. The core content of the course includes the nature of law and the English legal system, criminal law and tort. Options within the course include law of contract and human rights. The course is a two-year A Level, and is assessed by exams only, which are taken at the end of the course.

You can expect to:

  • Develop competence in using legal skills
  • Demonstrate ability to analyse a scenario by identifying the key facts from which legal issues arise
  • Analyse legislation by applying the rules and principles of statutory interpretation
  • Develop a basic understanding of the differences between criminal and civil law and between different sources of law including custom, statute law and common law
  • Construct clear, concise and logical legal arguments using appropriate terminology

Students will have the opportunity to visit legal institutions, attend conferences and take part in national debate competitions.

  • How you are assessed

    100% Exam

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What Can This Course Lead To

Progress to university, further study or employment.

Whilst it is not a requirement to study Law at A Level in order to undertake a Law degree many students who study Law do progress on to Law degrees and an A Level in Law is widely accepted as a qualification for many other degree choices. Career options include qualification as a solicitor, barrister or legal executive. Past students have also entered careers in the civil service, local government, teaching, banking and the police force. The course is highly regarded by many employers.

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