16-18 Courses, 16-18: A Levels

Law (Level 3 Extended Certificate)

Course Overview

Entry requirements

GCSE Average Points Score: 4.3, Grade 4 English Language GCSE, Grade 4 Maths GCSE

Course information

BTEC Law will give you the opportunity to study various types of Law and the system of rules that govern our society. Law touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives and the BTEC allows students to study core subjects, including criminal and civil law plus institutions and people involved in the law.

The main aim of the course is to explore how civil disputes are resolved, both in the courts and by alternative means. Students will examine the making of precedent and its application in the law of negligence. They will research how laws are made and interpreted, who advises and decides on the outcome of criminal cases and the punishments that can be imposed if laws are broken. They will then present advice to clients on non fatal offence case studies.

Your studies might include:

  • The law of negligence and the way in which claims, such as damage or losses resulting from a car crash or causing injury to another person, are dealt with in English law
  • How statutory rules are made and interpreted
  • How legislation is made outside of Parliament
  • Exploration of the various legal personnel involved in a criminal trial

BTEC goes well with any other subject, but common combinations include A Level English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Government and Politics and A Level or BTEC Business.

  • How you are assessed

    YR 1 50% Coursework - internally assessed and 50% externally assessed

    YR 2 42% Coursework - internally assessed and 58% externally assessed

  • Next steps

    Two year Level 3 BTEC course of 4x 70min lessons per week (equivalent to 1 A Level); subject to the successful completion of a Certificate (equivalent to 0.5 A Levels) in the first year.

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What Can This Course Lead To

Progress to university, further study, a higher level apprenticeship or employment.

Many of our students go on to study Law at University or other degrees. Past students have also been successful in careers in legal firms, as Barristers' Clerks, in the civil service, local government, teaching, banking and the police force.

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