How to make the most out of your Open Event experience

How to make the most out of your Open Event experience

Be prepared

Make the most of your open event experience!

To get the most out of your open day, it’s helpful to come with a list of questions you’d like answered. We’ve put together some ideas to help you get started about what kind of questions to ask at your open day.

  • Questions to ask about courses:

    An open day is your chance to find out more about any subjects you’re interested in, whether you know what you want to apply for or not. Teachers of each course will be on hand, along with current students, who you can chat with and ask any questions.

    • What grades do I need to study this course?
    • What topics will I learn about?
    • How will I be assessed?
    • What skills do I need to succeed on this course?
    • What are the teaching methods of the course?
    • Does the course offer any opportunities to take part in any work experience or live briefs?
    • What have previous students progressed to?
    • What other subjects should I study alongside this course?
    • What could I study at university after this course?
  • Questions to ask about clubs and societies:

    Being a student is about so much more than what you study. That’s why we offer a range of different clubs and societies to join. Use this opportunity to investigate what these are and start getting to know those that run them. There are also opportunities to volunteer or boost your employability skills through our partnerships.

    • What are the different clubs and societies on offer?
    • How can I find out more about clubs and societies when I start?
    • When can I sign up for clubs and societies? Will this be during freshers week?
    • Are there many volunteering opportunities available?
    • Can I boost my employability skills through opportunities offered?
  • Questions to ask about student support:

    Your wellbeing is our number one priority. Without taking care of your mental health you won’t enjoy your course or student experience. We recognise the importance of student wellbeing and have put in place a wealth of support services and resources to help students.

    • What support services do you offer for students suffering with their mental health?
    • How often is student support offered?
    • Do you offer counselling services?
    • How accessible are these support services for students? Where can I find them?
    • Where can I go if I need help with my coursework and assignments?
    • What kind of learning support do you provide for students?
  • Questions to ask about our facilities:

    You’ll get to explore the our facilities when attending an in-person at open day.

    • What are the facilities like for this course?
    • Is there a gym on campus?
    • Are there many study spaces on campus?
    • How big is the library and how late does it stay open?
    • What are the food options offered on campus?