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Parents, Guardians and Family Members

Welcome to the section dedicated to parents, guardians and family members of New City College students.

Our College works in partnership with students and their parents or guardian

You’ve helped your new student make a great decision by coming to study at New City College. We know that the future of your young person is important to you. The information below will help you to understand what your student will be doing at college and tell you more about our college, our services, procedures and expectations. We look out for each other here; our extensive networks of student support services are second to none. Please see below for useful links, our guides for parents and guardians, video tours of our campuses and read some of our students’ success stories.

New City College sets high expectations for all its learners and we provide them with all the support and guidance they need to achieve their ambitions. We offer over 100+ courses ranging from A Levels and BTECs all designed to help our students progress onto university or into the world of work. We set out very clearly in our Student contract what students can expect from the college and what we, in turn, expect from them. We also ask students to respect the college in every way - through attitude and standards of behaviour to staff, the environment and each other.

Whichever course your New City College student is studying with us, be assured that we will do all we can to help them achieve their potential in preparation for their onward journey to success and their next step in life.

Useful Links

Below you will find a number of links to useful information to help you learn more about New City College and what we can offer your learner.

  • eNotify - Report an absence, lateness or leaving early
  • eTrackr - Parents' Portal, use to track your student’s progress, view their subject reviews and attendance data
  • Click here for Parent and Carers question and answers
  • See our current Student’s Code of Conduct Contract
  • For events at the Havering Colleges please click here.

Your valuable support

We value your vital supporting role as a family member of a New City College student, and prefer to work in partnership with students and their parents or guardians. Families, parents and guardians can join us in supporting your young person as they make the transition from school to college and start to become more independent and more responsible. Starting college is an exciting time for any new student, and it can be a challenging experience for you too!

A big step

College is very different from school; your new student's an independent learner in a new environment designed to stretch and challenge them. There are many ways for them to get a window to the world while they’re here - our career ready programme gives exclusive access to internships with UK’s leading employers, one-to-one mentoring and trips to influential organisations overseas. There will also many opportunities for them to get more than a qualification with us; they’ll be spoilt for choice with over 30 enrichment activities and a range of trips and events.

Helping to build resilience and access support

To lend your support to help your new student build resilience a good place for you to start is by getting familiar with the really broad range of support services we offer to students. Once you do so, you'll know where to guide your new student, if they need any extra help or advice.

Study help

Over vacations it is easy for students to get distracted and forget about their studies. But students will often have coursework or exams due soon after the start of term. While it is the responsibility of the student to deal with their own studies, you can consider how the home is encouraging them to do some coursework and revision. Students often say that a useful study technique is chatting through what they’ve learnt with a family member. Chatting about what you’re learning can build subject knowledge, confidence and increase motivation to study. You might even be interested to read some of their work!

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