16-18 Courses, 16-18: A Levels

Business (A Level)

Course Overview

Entry requirements

GCSE Average Points Score: 4.3, Grade 5 English Language GCSE, Grade 5 Maths GCSE, GCSE Written Subject 6 Desirable

Course information

If you are studying at Havering Sixth Form:

Studying Business has great relevance to a wide range of employment and university courses because it is all around us. This subject allows students to develop an enthusiasm for studying business through gaining a holistic understanding of business in a range of contexts. This is a subject that requires an enquiring and analytical mind, an aptitude for calculating data and a keen interest in current affairs and world financial news. During the course, students will gain an understanding of business organisations, how they organise themselves and what factors have an impact on their success.

You will examine the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals including the strategies they use to achieve success. You will also have the opportunity to explore the world of work through work experience and internship placements. Business students participate in several external events and initiatives, which can develop your employability skills.

You will:

  • Investigate real business situations. Examine and think critically about the problems they face
  • Understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives; small scale to global
  • Generate enterprising and creative approaches to business opportunities, problems and issues
  • Acquire a range of relevant business and generic skills, including decision-making, problem solving and critical analysis
  • Apply numerical skills in a range of business contexts

Unit descriptions are:

  • Theme 1: Marketing and People
  • Theme 2: Managing Business Activities
  • Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy
  • Theme 4: Global Business

The Exam board is Edexcel


If you are studying at Attlee Academy:

The overall purpose of the programme is to study the internal functions of contemporary business organisations. You will also learn how to recognise the nature of problems in businesses, solving problems and making decisions using appropriate business tools. These skills will enable you to gain the experience needed to secure internships, progress toward completing a Business Management degree or going into full-time employment.

What will I study:?

  • What is business?
  • Managers, leadership and decision making
  • Decision making to improve marketing performance
  • Decision making to improve operational performance
  • Decision making to improve human resource performance
  • Analysing the strategic position of a business (A level only)
  • Choosing strategic direction (A level only)
  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies (A level only)
  • Managing strategic change (A level only)
  • How you are assessed

    100% Exam, 3 external papers at the end of the 2 years
  • Why study at NCC?

    Students will study businesses, their behaviour, their decision-making and the environment in which they operate. By examining and thinking critically about real businesses and the problems they face, students will gain an insight into different contexts which will help them understand the key issues in any situation and apply their understanding. The course includes elements of marketing, accountancy, strategic planning, managing employees and economics. You need to be able to work individually or in groups.

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Progress to university, further study or employment.

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