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  • For people who are interested in how society organises and regulates itself through rules made by Parliament and the courts. The course delivers an in-depth insight into the legal processes involved in criminal law and covers a range of topics including murder, manslaughter and the defences to these crimes. ...

    Type: A Levels   –   Subject: Humanities   –   Campus: Attlee A Level Academy    

  • Studying Further Maths you will build upon knowledge from your GCSE. You will also be expected to be studying AS maths and the topics from AS maths C1 and C2 complement those of FP1 and 2. FP1 introduces complex number, matrix algebra and further series.

    Topics such as ...

    Type: A Levels   –   Subject: Mathematics   –   Campus: Attlee A Level Academy    

  • This qualification is aimed at the learner who wants to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a fitness instructor in the context of gym-based exercise.

    Learners will cover:

    • Anatomy and physiology
    • How to maintain health, safety and ...

    Type: Certificate   –   Subject: Fitness Instruction   –   Campus: Hackney Campus    

  • These classes are for students who want to improve their literacy. You will improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. On this one year course you will study at a level that is right for you, from Entry Level to Level 1.

    You need to be committed ...

    Type: ESOL   –   Subject: Functional Skills   –   Campus: Hackney Campus    

  • For learners who wish to get the nationally recognised GCSE qualification in English, who already have a strong grounding in English (at least at Level 1 or higher).

    Type: GCSE   –   Subject: GCSE English   –   Campus: Hackney Campus    

  • This full-time course is for people at all levels, from complete beginners to Level 2. The course combines ESOL with maths and ICT skills.

    Type: ESOL   –   Subject: ESOL General   –   Campus: Hackney Campus    

  • These classes are for students who want to improve their numeracy skills. The purpose of this qualification is to develop your understanding and skills in:

    • Representing - selecting the mathematics and information to model a situation.
    • Analysing - processing and using mathematics.
    • Interpreting - ...

    Type: Certificate   –   Subject: Mathematics   –   Campus: Hackney Campus    

  • For those whose skills need more development before they can join a GCSE class. The focus is on basic number skills as well as very simple algebra and trigonometry.

    Type: GCSE   –   Subject: GCSE Maths   –   Campus: Hackney Campus    

  • This part-time FREE course gives you a key qualification for life, work and further study. If you are not ready for this one-year course, you can apply for the pre-GCSE maths course or a Functional Skills maths course to develop your skills.

    Type: GCSE   –   Subject: GCSE Maths   –   Campus: Hackney Campus    

  • You will gain the technical knowledge and achieve a recognised qualification to allow you to work in the plumbing industry. You will learn the practical skills needed to fit domestic installations. The theory covers all aspects of the plumbing industry to a basic level.

    Type: Diploma   –   Subject: Plumbing Studies   –   Campus: Hackney Campus